Mediaworld, The Price Of Live X51 5G Collapses With Integrated Gimbal: Few Hours

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After dealing with some promotions of MediaWorld’s “XDays,” we will return to the analysis of what the famous chain proposes for tech offers. There is in fact a not-too-dealing discount for the X51 5G smartphone alive.

Going down in more detail, the device is proposed at a price of 479 euros on the official MediaWorld portal. From the latter website we learn that the cost of the model involved would generally amount to €799. This means that the possible savings are 320 euros. Remember that it refers to a relatively recent smartphone, as you can read in our review of live X51 5G (published at the end of 2020). Moreover, this model was originally launched exclusively by Euronics, so it is a device that has not often ended up at the center of offers.

Of course, in July 2021 MediaWorld had proposed a discount on live X51 5G, but in that case the price was higher, as it was 599 euros. Now, instead, the cost of the smartphone has collapsed, falling considerably compared to previous proposals. In this context, among other things, a discount has also come from the Euronics chain, which proposes the device to €499,90. We could not find this specific model on the official website of Unieuro, while Amazon Italia starts from 499 euros through retailers (to note that, by consulting the special page from PC and pressing the “View all options” button

For the rest, remember that this model finds its peculiar feature in the presence of an integrated gimbal. I mean, it seems to be a good time in general to get your hands on X51 5G alive. However, be careful that MediaWorld’s offer will remain active only for a few hours after the publication of this news, as it is part of the “Only for Today” initiative of 9 September 2021.

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