Mediaworld X-Days: Look At These 3 Smart Tv Dvb-T2S Below 200 Euro!

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Mediaworld’s X-Days launched yesterday, 20 January 2022, offer a wide range of discount electronics products. These are offers that are active exclusively on the distribution chain portal, but still not to be missed. An example? Here you are 3 smart DVB-T2 TVs below 200 Euro!

The cheapest model of the trio we will see today in the context of the X-Days is OK ODL24772HN-TAB, a television set proposed at 159.99 Euro instead of 189.99 Euro. Here we find a LED HD Ready panel (1366 x 768 pixels) with a refresh rate of 60Hz with a diagonal of 24 inches. There is no support for HDR video technology, while the operating system is Android TV. It is therefore a low-end DVB-T2 TV suitable for those who do not have specific needs.

Alternative to the model seen above is OK ODL32772HN-TAB which, as you will understand, is the same television with a diagonal however greater. In this case, in fact, you touch the 32 inches. It does not change the resolution, as well as the set of supported video and audio standards. However, the price changes, amounting to 199.99 Euro instead of 229.99 Euro.

The list OK ODL32770H-TAB, sold by the distribution chain at 199.99 Euro instead of 249.99 Euro, is completed. The diagonal of the LED screen remains always equal to 32 inches, and the resolution remains the same: 1366 x 768 pixels. Here we find the HDR video side standard and the Dolby Digital audio decoder to ensure higher quality of the content shown on screen. Both this TV and those mentioned above remain available at these figures only by buying them online, until January 30 next.

Today we have reported, instead, several smart TVs of medium-high range in promotion until 23:59.

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