Men Earn 100,000 Dollars With Shop And Bank In The Metaverse: Can Become Millionaire

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The Sandbox is one of the most intriguing metaverses currently active and in 2021 it recorded amazing revenues, complicit in the boom of the sector. Some, however, already earn important figures within other competing platforms: a man has accumulated almost 100 thousand dollars with virtual workshop and bank.

As Business Insider has taken over, the investor who has succeeded in achieving success in a metaverse is thirty-seven-year-old Robert Doyle, who is in possession of a virtual garage and a bank inside Polka City, a platform of Inside it you can buy NFTs that represent virtual taxis, petrol stations, billboards, vehicles and much more. Once you have a specific asset, you will receive weekly interest paid in the platform’s native token, i.e. the

Although not yet particularly active and fully functioning, Polka City has already attracted a lot of investors looking for luck. This is also due to the charm of the game, defined by creators and other users the

Doyle is among the users involved in the initiative and, during the last months of activity, has managed to accumulate exactly 111,646 polca, from the value close to 100,000 Dollars at the time of writing the article. This is a 500% gain mainly due to the workshop in his possession: purchased for 23,000 Dollars, in these weeks he is bringing him important gains. He also owns a bank, which was purchased for 3,500 Dollars and also a continuous source of revenue.

A Business Insider Doyle said: ♪ I think this could be a billion dollar game. […] These activities are part of the final video game, so they will keep me for years to come and it’s pretty amazing. I can pay my mortgage, my medical expenses, my car payments and support my family only with these NFTs, isn’t that crazy?

But he also said in part fearful for the future, warning the public of the risks of this investment: ♪ It takes time to understand what you are getting into. You have to look at the market capitalisation, you have to look at the development, the community Although risky, the metaverse is already potentially bringing him millions of dollars and the future, at present, seems just rosy.

If you are more interested in The Sandbox, here’s how to create a game in its metaverse.

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