Meta: More Transparency On Data, The Facebook Privacy Centre Arrives

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A few hours ago, the Head of Public Relations of Facebook abandoned Meta following Facebook Papers, whose revelations-scandals have put a strain on the trust of users and the credibility of Facebook. The same rebranding of Facebook in Meta, according to some, would be an attempt to “clean” the company of its negative reputation.

Today, to respond to the omnipresent accusations of privacy injury of misuse of data, Meta launched its new Privacy Center, which allows users to access all the information that can serve them about the collection of data by the company, their

In addition, users can use the Privacy Center to set authentication to two factors on Facebook and Instagram, but also to change their privacy settings related to posts and stories, deciding who can see them and who can’t: it’s fe

At the moment, however, Privacy Center is only available for a few Facebook users, limited to the desktop version of the application and only in the United States. According to Meta’s announcement, however, the feature rollout will last for a few months and will eventually cover the whole world and also Facebook and Instagram users via mobile app.

You can access the Privacy Center in the “Settings and Privacy” section of Facebook at the moment. Meta also announced that it will make access to settings and information about data and privacy easier, both for those who use a PC and for those who browse social via apps for smartphones and tablets. The publication of Privacy Center, however, comes at a time when the trust of Americans in Facebook is at the very least historic.

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