Meta Quest 2: The Latest Update Introduces Cloud Backups And Video Gameplay

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After the rebranding of Oculus Quest in Meta Quest, Meta released a new update for its flagship viewer, Quest 2. This is the last update of 2021 for the viewer, which introduces extremely requested features such as cloud backups, a mixed-reality camera and the ability to record video games in MR.

The most useful feature is the cloud backup of video games and app data, which is particularly important for users who find themselves having to restore their applications or save their gaming sessions in VR in case of upgrade, reset or change.

The camera actually increased is the update of a similar app released with the update v29 of the Quest 2 software, which was limited to superimposing the user’s body to the front shot of the viewer gameplay. Now, the feature allows users to see themselves interacting with the gaming world in third person, as explained by the GIF released by Meta at the bottom link. At the moment they are compatible with the twelve apps and games feature, including Beat Saber, Pistol Whip and Superhot VR.

This feature is particularly interesting for creators, because it allows you to record video gameplay sessions in VR, even if you need an iOS device higher than iPhone XS with iOS 11 or a more up-to-date version of the operating system of The recording will then be done via a special app, called Mobile Mixed Reality Camera, which should produce user registration and automatically overlap it with that of the game environment in VR.

The Quest 2 update also allows you to connect multiple Facebook accounts to the same viewer, opening the possibility for multiple users to use the same headset separately. The feature has been in beta for months among the “experimental features” of the device, but can now be found in its settings, under “account.”

Finally, the update to Quest 2 v35 takes a further step towards Metaverse Meta, updating the Horizon Works app, which allows you to make voice and video calls directly in VR environments leaning on Facebook Messe

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