Meta Wants To Track Eyes And Faces While You’re In The Metaverse: The Clues Of Some Patents

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Meta seems to be willing to be really focused on the experience of users in the Metaverse. Mark Zuckerberg’s company once known as Facebook filed some patents on technologies to track eye movements and facial expressions while wandering around the Metaverse. Is there anything to worry about?

According to the Financial Times, the company would have filed several patents with the US Patent and Trademark Office with the intention of launching as soon as possible towards innovation in the metaverse. The primary objective, as the drawings show, would be to use biometric data of users to enhance what they see, ensuring authenticity to digital avatars with animations equal to their facial expression.

In particular, eye-tracking technologies, i.e. eye tracking, but also face-to-face technologies, are noticed: this would be done with the help of cameras and a… magnetic sensor system wearables, visible at the bottom of the news in In it you can see sensors positioned around the bust to trace the body pose, so that in the Metaverse l’avatar can wear certain clothes faithfully and reproduce the feeling to the player.

Another patent, however, proposes an avatar customization engine that can create three-dimensional digital copies of our person with simple photos. Noelle Martin has monitored for more than a year the evolution of these technologies signed Meta and concluded the following: • Meta aims to be able to simulate you up to every pore of the skin, every strand The goal is to create 3D replicas of people, places and things, so hyperrealistic and tactile that they are indistinguishable from what is real

However, there are important doubts: always in the context of such analyses, lawyer Brittan Heller said that a nightmare scenario would be targeted advertising based on unintended biological reactions to stimuli in the Metaverse. In the absence of legal constraints on this matter, Meta now has maximum freedom of movement to develop and propose such technologies. The company replied: • Even if we do not comment on the specific coverage of our patents or the reasons why we have filed them, it is important to note that our patents do not necessarily cover the technology used in our products and services

Without a doubt, these patents will be discussed in the coming days, especially for the possible future use as a monitoring tool for people in order to propose hyper-targeted advertising in the Metaverse.

In the meantime, work continues on the first Meta smartwatch.

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