Micron: Availability Of Ram And Ssd At Risk Due To A Lockdown In China

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Micron Technology, one of the leading global producers of RAM and SSD, known for its Crucial and Lexar lines, announced that the availability of PC memories could soon deteriorate very rapidly due to the lockdown imposed by the Chinese Government in the

Micron owns a production chain in the city, which produces DRAM memories used for desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones and retail: the US company explained that it had to close its production departments, showing total solidarity with the

It seems that Xi’an’s lockdown started on December 23, 2021, just before Christmas, but Micron expected it to end with the new year. This was not the case, and the closure of the city resulted in a vertical decrease in the number of employees at the company’s plant, resetting the output of DRAM memories and the progress of research on the latest generation RAM and SSDs. According to some old Micron statements, such events could also cause RAM and SSD prices to pierce in the short term.

The company has made known that it is “working with suppliers operating in the region to meet the challenge [of lockdown]. Our projections indicate that we will be able to satisfy customers in the long term, but in the short term we are expected to delay production, at least until we activate the network of third-party suppliers.” Micron also said that it will continue to work with its partners, customers and logistics centers to minimize delays in RAM and SSD deliveries.

At the moment, the Xi’an plant in Micron is working on Samsung’s NAND memories, which however stated that the reduction of supplies should not lead to supply problems on the market, thanks to the stocks accumulated in recent months. Samsung would have delayed the launch of Samsung Galaxy S22 due to some production problems that, given the latest indiscretions, could be linked to the semiconductor crisis.

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