Microsoft And Adobe Relaunch Partnerships For The Future Of The World Of Work

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Microsoft and Adobe today announced that they have expanded their strategic partnership to foster improved integration of their products, a new important step thought to reinvent the future of work The first steps will be Adobe Sign and Microsoft 365 package.

The exploration of new solutions by both companies follows years of collaboration between them, with a common vision of the future of online work. The current objective will be to integrate PDF functionality, electronic signature and advanced document management offered by Adobe with software such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Teams, SharePoint and also the Edge browser.

Ashley Still, senior vice president and director of Digital Media at Adobe, said: ›I am excited to deepen our partnership with Microsoft to reimagine a modern, safe and secure working environment These deep product integrations allow people to do their best by connecting the apps they use daily: from trading and signing a contract from Microsoft Teams, Outlook or SharePoint, review PDFs on a mobile device with Liqui It will be interesting to see what the two US companies will have in store for business for the years to come.

Another step towards hybrid work was taken by Microsoft with the

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