Microsoft Buy Clipchamp: New Video App Coming To Windows 11?

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With a press release, Microsoft confirmed that it has acquired Clipchamp, a web browser video editing service, with the aim of improving its video apps for Windows 11 and Xbox.

At the moment, the two softwares are among the worst available to PC users and video consoles. The communication comes after years of lack of proposals from Microsoft for both Windows and Xbox, since the last tool suitable for this purpose on console, Upload Studio, was closed last year, while on PC Microsoft did not

The acquisition of Clipchamp could therefore lead to a software for editing and editing the videos better than those already available, along the lines of what will happen with the updating of the applications Photo and Paint in the passage between Windows 10 and Wi According to some entries in the corridor, the new editing tool will not be available to all Windows users, but will be exclusive to holders of Office 365 subscription: Microsoft has not yet unbalanced on this issue, so we still expect confirmation or denial

Please note that the launch of Windows 11 is scheduled for October 5: the new system will also be free for all owners of a PC that has for Windows 10 operating system. Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced the minimum requirements to install Windows 11 on your computer.

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