Microsoft Edge 93 Is Available: Grouping Of Cards And New Design On Windows 11

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For several days it has been known and official that Windows 11 will be released on October 5 and, in view of its launch, Microsoft is progressively updating its applications. Among the latest to receive updates is the Microsoft Edge browser updated to stable version number 93, with new Fluent design for unpublished menus and features.

Thanks to the latest Windows Latest report, we can analyze in detail all the new features introduced, starting from the rating of the grouping of cards, already available from Google Chrome version 93 and by the quite simple operation: just click right mouse By doing so, navigation will be simplified further.

Another novelty is the visualization of videos in picture-in-picture mode through a new toolbar that will appear simply by passing the mouse over the video screen, provided it supports this feature.

But Microsoft Edge’s design has also got closer to Windows 11: Going to the Edge://Flags page through the address bar and looking for…Windows 11 menu you can find the entry

Among the exclusive news on Windows 11 is the Mica effect, which automatically applies the desktop background color to the active window. The image on the cover of this news allows you to see the effect in action: by right-clicking on the Web page of interest or opening the popup menu at the top right, Microsoft Edge will open the pop-up menus with This, of course, is just one of the aesthetic elements that will come to Edge with Windows 11; keep your eyes open to notice all the differences in the future!

Always talking about Windows 11, today we saw how activating dark mode will play relaxing sounds.

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