Microsoft Edge: A Useful Feature For Youtube Users Is Coming, Here’s What

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Last December, along with the Edge update that introduced Solitaire and Mahjong, Microsoft brought a very interesting feature on its browser, namely the integration of RSS Feed on Edge. Redmond’s house, however, seems to have worked on this feature, updating it with new features.

In fact, in the last update of Edge has been implemented a feature quite similar to the RSS Feed that allows you to follow the YouTube channels to which you are registered without accessing the platform, checking directly from a dropdown browser if your

In the latest version of Edge Canary, in fact, there is a special button on the Browser’s Address Bar, which appears by visiting the YouTube channel homepage and which allows, through a popup, “followare” This way, the content published by the channel will appear in the “Creators” section of the “Collections” tab.

The feature uses RSS, which is a global standard and could be used to follow creators on other platforms, such as Twitch, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, but for the time being it is only available on YouT

At the moment, however, the feature is rolling out on the latest version of Edge Canary: in other words, the feature is not currently available for everyone, but it may take a few hours (or a few days) to see it on your browser. Meanwhile, Microsoft is at the center of the controversy about Edge Deflectors, which Redmond’s company has limited on its own browser owner.

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