Microsoft: Here Is The First Spectacular Commercial Of Windows 11

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Recently we found that, thanks to the deep optimizations made on Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 11 will look faster than Windows 10. In the meantime, Redmond’s giant is preparing a big-time launch.

Whenever Microsoft removes the veil from its latest evolution of Windows, it does so with a certain degree of spectacularization and only rarely expectations have been disregarded. According to what emerged during our Windows 11 test, although still unsound at the time, the new operating system already allowed for much of its potential.

While waiting to finally try it out in the stable and definitive version, the release of which will be free on October 5, Microsoft finally opened the dances with a spectacular commercial published on the official YouTube profile of the company.

Just 60 seconds in which, under Odessa’s All Starts Now notes, we can admire some of the business focus for the new generation of its desktop operating system, between the new interface, widgets, the fully renovated Microsoft Store and

A new system that aims to simplify our lives by tidying up even within its own identity, with a completely twisted look and a cleaner desktop environment for an improved experience. Obviously, Master Chief could not miss the explosion of Windows windows.

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