Microsoft Hires An Ex-Talent Apple: Proprietary Chips Coming In?

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A few days ago we were talking about the transfer to Intel of a well-known Apple engineer, Jeff Wilcox, one of the “fathers” of Cupertino’s M1 chips. Today, according to MacRumors, Apple would have given another talent, this time to Microsoft: we are talking about Mike Filippo, former chip designer of Cupertino.

Filippo arrived at Apple only in 2019, after ten years of working at Arm as a semiconductor designer. While covering this position, Filippo has developed important technologies that are used in smartphones and in several other devices and consumer computer products. In addition, Philip was responsible for the development of many Arm chips, such as Cortex-A76, Cortex-A72, Cortex-A57 and even some chips not yet announced at 7nm and 5nm.

He was previously also working at Intel and AMD, while in Cupertino he was one of the most important engineers of the new SoC design team. After Wilcox, Philip is the second Apple chip engineer to leave the company, but it is unclear whether there are any precise reasons behind this choice, or whether they can impact on the development of Cupertino’s future chips.

Meanwhile, Filippo has moved to Microsoft, where he will deal with Azure servers, more specifically Redmond’s server chip architecture. There seems therefore to be no connection between the recruitment of Apple’s engineer and Microsoft’s transition to proprietary chips, which according to rumors of corridor will be carried out precisely in an attempt to emulate Cupertino’s house.

What is certain, however, is that the competition between Silicon Valley companies is more fierce than ever, especially in the field of research, recruitment and, in some cases, the “theft” of brains between a company and the ‘

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