Microsoft Teams: With The Latest Update The Smartphone Becomes A Walkie-Talkie

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While Microsoft Teams is preparing to enter the Metaverse, Redmond’s group video call service seems to have adopted a much more traditional feature: with the latest update, in fact, the Microsoft Teams app received the feature

Microsoft Teams’ Walkie-Talke feature has been tested over the past few weeks and has become available today for all users. The function allows you to transform every phone or tablet that uses the Teams app into a Walkie-Talkie using Wi-Fi or mobile data. The feature was announced by Microsoft in 2020, and was launched in beta on some Android devices two years ago, but now it is available anc for Zebra Mobile devices, iPhones and iPads.

Microsoft is promoting Teams as a channel of communication for workers in contact with the public, or for those who work “in the front line” such as security workers, doctors, nurses, but also law enforcement and fire department. Another possibility, according to Redmond, is to use the app to keep a non-invasive contact channel with employees during their daily work, perhaps using company phones.

At the moment, there are few communication apps with Walkie-Talkie function: Whatsapp, for example, uses audio to compensate for the lack of such a function, while Slack has launched a similar feature for its application. Apple has a feature of Walkie-Talkie for FaceTime, which was launched in 2018 but only works between Cupertino devices. Meanwhile, Microsoft Teams introduced end-to-end encryption, although limited to business calls.

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