Microsoft, The Reopening Of The Offices Sled To Date To Be Destined For The Variant Delta

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Already towards the end of 2020, Microsoft announced permanent smart working. A new concept of work, applied to respond to Coronavirus emergency and which over time has proved to be able to compete with traditional work.

Between greater flexibility, comfort, elimination of travel times and relative costs, smart working has quickly imposed itself worldwide as a method of choice for companies and that, in some fringes, has also allowed an increase in productivity.

However, many tech giants have been struggling with the re-opening of physical offices with the desire of a large number of employees to continue to operate in this way. After the harsh criticism of employees of Apple’s request to return to the office, Microsoft also had to deal with the problem, thus launching the so-called hybrid work.

Today, however, we are facing a flare-up of the pandemic state, which has effectively sent up any programming made before or during the summer. At present, Microsoft will have to give up the scheduled reopening for 4 October 2021, without providing any further dates to its employees.

Jared Spataro, vice president of the modern work section of Microsoft, said that “Due to the uncertainty of the Covid-19, we decided not to attempt to predict a new date for the full reopening of our US offices pending the opening of the same All of this, of course, has to do with the so-called Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 virus.

A choice that will certainly be well seen by most employees of the company, since, according to data from LinkedIn and Glint, 87% of people would like to continue working remotely for at least half of the time.

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