Mike’s Incredible Story: 18 Months Of Chicken… Headless

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Thinking of a beheading, surely, in mind the tendency of some exponents of the French revolution, to “lose its head.” It’s not a practice that gives the slightest chance to survive, in short. But every rule has its own exception. Today, in fact, we propose the incredible story of Mike, the 18-month-old chicken… headless.

In 1945, Lloyd Olsen, owner of a farm in Colorado, together with his wife Clara performed the usual daily tasks: feeding animals, crowding hay bales and killing chickens.

Common use was to decapitate the animals at the base of the head, to inflict a rapid and painless death and let the ill-beheaded take the last journey to the afterlife. But one of these specimens (born from what is called “perfect form”) was so ‘testardo’ that he didn’t want to know he was dying. His name was Mike and after the beheading he started kicking and running like a freak and, once calm, he went down like nothing happened.

Shot by the tenacity and desire to live the specimen, the Olsens decided to save the life of the birded leader, also because no one would bet that the chicken would survive the night. But the next morning, there he is, awake and pimping to do what he has always done, the chicken.

The news took little to pass from mouth to mouth, like a buzzing silenced in the streets of the locality of Fruita, which soon gave the event a connotation and a robatory exhibition. This sudden fame attracted several people, including a certain Hope Wade who presented himself to the factor with the proposal to make the feathered’miracle a freak phenomenon and make a mountain of money.

Later the specimen was also analyzed at the University of Utah and subjected to a series of experiments to verify the reason for this incredible event. The specimen had such an exhibition that it attracted the attention of Life Magazine, just before undertaking a US tour, during which, in the spring of 1947 in Phoenix, Mike, the miracle chicken, died.

At this point the question arises spontaneously, how did you live all this time?

It would be due to the shape of the bird’s brain, which is, for the most part, at the base of the head. Tom Smulders, a Newcastle University chicken expert, said, “You’d be amazed at how little brain is in the front of a chicken’s head,” disavowing the theory that he attributed this prolonged life to the brain stem.

In fact, it’s a real portion of the brain. The net cut on Mike, according to the scientist, had saved 80% of the brain and, thanks to the nutrition through dropper made by the Olsen family, Mike survived for the beauty of 18 months.

Up you can find an explanatory video of the History channel, while below we offer you the shocking photo of the specimen.

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