Missile Engineers And Neurosurgeons Are No Longer Intelligent Than Mass

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A new, interesting study has recently been published in The BMJ’s scientific journal, which indicates that neurosurgeons and aerospace engineers are not actually smarter than the general population. These results simply imply that it is not necessary to be particularly gifted to undertake the profession.

The study was conducted because very often the expressions “it is not rocket science” or “it is not brain surgery” are used to describe tasks that everyone could complete. To affirm their findings, the researchers of the study evaluated the intelligence of 329 aerospace engineers and 72 neurosurgeons.

The Great British Intelligence Test was used; tests examining memory, solving spatial and semantic problems, manipulation and mental attention, speed of troubleshooting and speed of memory recall. In this regard, here is the tragic story of William James Sidis, the smartest man in history.

Neurosurgeons showed higher average scores than engineers for semantic troubleshooting, while missile scientists beat surgeons when it came to mind manipulation and attention. The firm, of course, didn’t end up here.

The authors of the study then compared these results with the scores of 18,257 participants in the general population of the United Kingdom and no differences were found with the engineers. Neurosurgeons had higher troubleshooting speeds than British boys, but slower memory recall speeds.

It is more likely, however, that the excellent speed of problem resolution shown by neurosurgeons “attracts those who have a pre-existing talent for rapid processing.” Adhara Pérez Sánchez is certainly smarter than the mass, since he has an IQ of 162.

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