Miui 13, Xiaomi Officializes The Upcoming Announcement And Anticipates Some New Features

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After making a double announcement related to Xiaomi 12 on Christmas Day 2021, the well-known brand chose the day of Santo Stefano to reveal other important details, since it was also announced the date of the reveal of the wait MIUI 13.

Well, according to Gizzchina, one of Xiaomi’s high offices, the VP Chang Cheng, confirmed by a post published on the Chinese social network Weibo that the new version of Xiaomi’s software customization will be announced By the way, the time is the same as the time for the presentation of the Xiaomi 12 smartphone range: we refer to the 19:30 Chinese, which correspond to our 12:30 hours.

I mean, the event is imminent. Among other things, we remember that some recent rumors related to MIUI 13, which eventually “suited” the date of the reveal, suggest that there might be a simultaneous launch of Chinese and Global versions. However, there is no further information on this and the release could also come in the early months of 2022, so it is good to take these rumors with due caution. In any case, we now know which date to mark on the calendar to learn more at official level.

For the rest, Chang Cheng also made some anticipations related to MIUI 13. In fact, it has been revealed that, taking into account differences with MIUI 12.5 Enhanced, the fluidity of system app usage has been improved by 20%-26%, while the optimization of third party software is 15%-52%. Moreover, there will be no shortage of new safety features. In short, there seem to be several improvements not least: we just have to wait for December 28, 2021 for more indications.

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