Motorola Confirms List Of Smartphones That Will Receive Android 12: The Complete List

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It has been a long time since Android 12 announced in October and, calmly, the various smartphone manufacturers are preparing for the necessary updates for their devices. Among these, of course, there is also Motorola that, a few days ago, confirmed the list of smartphones that will get Android 12 through My UX.

Some readers with a mobile device from the Asian brand might say “was l” now, but this year the notorious delays in the roadmap by the company could be very positive. We have already seen, in fact, how Samsung has suspended updates to One UI 4.0 due to problems with the operating system that Google will have to fix. Even Google Pixel 6 showed annoying bugs caused by Android 12.

In short, it seems quite clear how the latest version of the green robot is everything except perfectly working. By allowing more time to work on customization About stock About My UX, Motorola will be able to ensure the proper functioning of the operating system before proceeding with the rollout.

The innovations that will introduce will be almost the same provided by Big G base, with few additional elements: in addition to the greater customization, users will be able to access improved features for gaming like Moto Gametime, but also intriguing privacy-side news for

This and much more, then, will come on the following devices:

Motorola commercial smartphones

razr 5G

razr 2020

motorola edge 20 pro

motorola edge 20

motorola edge 20 lite

motorola edge 20 fusion

motorola edge (2021)

motorola edge 5G UW

motorola edge plus

motorola one 5G ace

motorola one 5G UW ace

bike g200 5G

motorcycle g71 5G

motorbike g51 5G

motion g41

motion g31

motion g100

motion g60s

motion g60

motorcycle g50 / motorcycle g50 5G

motion g40 fusion

motion g30

Motorcycle g power (2022)

Motorcycles g pure

bike g stylelus 5G

Smartphone Business Edition

motion g pro

motorola edge (2021)

motorola edge 20

motorola edge 20 lite

motorola edge 20 fusion

Staying in the Motorola world, we remember that in early December the company introduced Edge X30 and Edge S30 on the Asian market.

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