Msi Announces 300Hz Mini Led Rapid Ips Monitors Worldwide

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MSI once again expands its portfolio of products designed for gaming lovers today. Together with the Metaverso Featured Notebooks revealed today, Taiwanese manufacturer today showed the world’s first 300Hz Mini LED Rapid IPS gaming monitor. There he is in every detail!

Named MEG 271Q Mini LED, it is presented to the public only in the 27-inch version with WQHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels), 97% DCI-P3 coverage, 1ms GtG response time and update frequency These are surprising and crucial numbers for those who love competitive gaming and those who want to aspire to the international export scene.

To this is added the complete support to the latest generation NVIDIA technologies: the key is NVIDIA G-SYNC ULTIMATE, which dynamically combines the frequency of updating the display to the frequency of the GPU frames with support from 0 to 300 Hz for

Even cinema and TV series lovers can be satisfied with the quality of the product thanks to the DisplayHDR 1000 certificate and 2K resolution, perfect to ensure the best possible view of multimedia content of all sorts.

The latest releases issued by MSI reveal no details about costs and availability, therefore we just have to keep an eye on any further information over the next few days.

Another day announcement concerns the new motherboards for Intel Alder Lake CPU.

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