Nasa Administrator And President Biden: “Operating Space Station At Least Until 2030”

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The Biden administration has stated that scientific operations on board the International Space Station will continue at least until 2030 and that the United States will work to keep the outpost active for as long as possible, avoiding (for now) the voices about retirement.

On the last day of 2021, NASA administrator Bill Nelson announced that the entire US government administration is willing to extend the ISS’s operation until 2030, while maintaining open all international contracts binding the United States with

• The International Space Station is a beacon of peaceful international scientific collaboration and for more than 20 years has returned huge scientific, educational and technological developments to the benefit of humanity. I am pleased that the Biden-Harris administration has committed itself to continuing operations of the station until 2030,” said NASA’s administrator in a recent statement.

According to Nelson, research on board the ISS will be crucial to bring ever more innovation and healthy competitiveness in science, especially until humanity is successfully brought back to the Moon, through the Artemis mission. Ergo, it is good that the station remains very much alive, aggiudicating the possible retirement in 2028.

The importance of the ISS is incalculable, but some numbers give us an idea of how important it is to always have a human presence in orbit for scientific tests: the microgravity laboratory has hosted more than 3,000 research surveys, from more than 4,200 researchers Nearly 110 countries and areas participated in the activities on board the station, including more than 1,500,000 students per year through digital communications.

Obviously, this is “only” the desire to keep the outpost active: if the structure starts to show signs of time and to prove no longer safe, then forced retirement cannot be avoided. We will see what the future holds.

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