Nasa Has Too Many Spacecraft To Communicate With: A Solution Is Needed

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How does NASA communicate with all spacecraft? Thanks to a high-power network of antennas known as Deep Space Network (DSN), distributed on three continents of the Earth and which act as a real “backbone” for communication. However, lately, the vehicles to talk to have become too many.

That is why the American space agency will have to make a major update to its Deep Space Network. Between the Voyager probe, the Parker Solar Probe and all the missions that it will launch in the future, you begin to feel the need to have more “wider breath” regarding the connection of spacecraft.

Currently, there are 39 active missions and 30 more are under development. To ensure consistent communication regardless of where the Earth is located, antennas supporting these missions are evenly distributed worldwide: from Spain, Australia, to California.

NASA is working on adding 2 new antennas. The first, a 34-metre-wide dish called DSS-56, will be located in Madrid. This year, an update to the DSS-43 was also completed, a 70-metre antenna located in Australia that is the only one in the southern hemisphere able to send messages to the Voyager probe (which is located in the interstellar space).

I mean, major improvements will be made in the future, pending the numerous missions of the space agency.

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