Netgear Also Jumps On The Nft Train: The News At Ces 2022

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Yesterday we talked about how Samsung integrated NFT into new TVs. Well, it seems that the NFTs are among the absolute protagonists of this CES 2022, and also from the Netgear front came announcements from this front.

The manufacturer of home accessories has announced that soon will begin testing a new beta version of the software for Meural frames that will also include an ad hoc function, developed in partnership with MetaMask, which will allow users to view NFTs on screens

This will obviously not preclude the classic use of such frames, which can still be used to view and show friends and guests their desired images and contents, but opening to NFTs is important as Tokens are increasingly used for purchasing

Meural also gives access to the largest library of art images and photographs in the world, which includes works by classical and contemporary artists, at a price of 8.95 Dollars per month or 69.95 Dollars per year. Frames have a resolution of 1080p, which could disappoint those who need more defined screens. The smallest one costs 299.95 Dollars, while the two largest 399.95 and 599.95 Dollars.

For all the information on NFT crypto fashion, we refer you to our in-depth analysis.

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