New Benchmark For Measuring Real Quantum Computer Performance

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The researchers of the Sandia National Labs have developed a performance benchmark that calculates the probability of error in a specific program of a quantum processor.

The instrument in question uses the so-called mirror circuit method, which allows for greater speed and reliability of processing than traditional tests. In fact, unlike conventional benchmarks based on random computing circuits, this tool consists of a routine that performs a series of calculations and then reverses them. This guarantees greater protection against possible computational errors, while promoting a direct comparison with the processing results generated by traditional computers. In this regard, the information technology Timothy Proctor, researcher at the Quantum Performance Laboratory in Sandia, said: “It is common practice of quantum computing to use random programs to measure system performance. However, our results show that this model is not efficient.”

The research, published in Nature Physics, then clarified how randomized tests underestimate the compound effects promoted by calculation errors. Offering evidence of how the new performance analysis model shows greater variability in quantum computer efficiency in the elaboration of certain structured programs. The mirror circuit method, together with the sensor to detect quantum computer defects, provides scientists with more information on how to improve current processors based on this technology. • By applying our method to current quantum computers, we have been able to learn a lot about the errors that these particular devices suffer, because different types of errors affect certain programs differently,” said Proctor. : This is the first time these effects have been observed in many quabit processors. Our method is the first tool to probe these large-scale error effects.” In this sense, a system has been designed that drastically decreases the threshold of error in quantum calculation.

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