New Incredible Record: 550 New Species Have Been Discovered In A Single Year

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Who said they’re not being discovered anymore? Researchers at the Natural History Museum in London discovered 550 new species in 2021. All this despite the various restrictions related to the Covid-19.

There are two major discoveries, however: carnivorous dinosaurs dug up on the island of Wight in the UK. One of these is the discovery of spinosaur fossils, while the other is the discovery of a new species of dinosaur from the United Kingdom called “dragus”… but which was the size of a chicken (by the way, here is a

“It was a really great year for the description of new dinosaurs, especially from the UK,” said Susannah Maidment, senior researcher at the museum. “Although we have known the legacy of UK dinosaurs for over 150 years, the application of new techniques and data from around the world is helping to discover a hidden diversity of British dinosaurs.”

More than half of the creatures found were part of a group of crustaceans called copepods, which represent 291 of the new discoveries. These are creatures like shrimps living in water and providing food for animals as big as fish. Among the new findings we also have: 90 beetles, 52 wasps, 13 moths, 8 algae, 6 worms parasites and 5 plants.

In short, despite the year of “limitation” great discoveries have been made.

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