New Non-Invasive Blood Test Allows You To Discover Cancer And Its Spread

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Blood tests continue to evolve with new methods for early or in-depth diagnosis of even more difficult diseases. If a method for predicting dementia by simple examination was identified in October 2021, researchers have outlined a new type of blood test for cancer during these days.

The study was published in Clinical Cancer Research following the analysis of samples of 300 patients with cancer-related symptoms, not specific but mostly related to fatigue and weight loss. Using a technique called……………………………………………

This is not, among other things, a specific test for a single type of cancer, but a particularly promising examination in the entire clinical context that normally requires conventional imaging. In doing so, this method becomes the first capable of determining the metastatic state of a cancer by a simple blood test, without any preliminary knowledge.

James Larkin, researcher at Oxford University, said: About now we are beginning to understand how the metabolites produced by cancer can be used as biomarkers to detect cancer. We have already shown that this technology can successfully identify whether patients with multiple sclerosis are progressing towards the next stages of the disease, even before experienced doctors could say so. It is very exciting that the same technology is now showing promising results in other diseases, such as cancer.

Further studies with larger patient cohorts will now be needed to assess whether efficacy remains at the same rate and then to proceed with the evaluation of clinical applications.

Speaking of blood, this is what happens in case of a non-compatible transfusion.

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