New World, Why Have Some Rtx 3090 Been Damaged? Evga Makes Clarity

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More than a month after the first reports of damage to some RTX 3090 GPUs by Amazon Games’ “New World” video game beta, the well-known EVGA manufacturer wanted to clarify the issue, obviously after having carefully analyzed the

Well, according to Guru3D and PCWorld, the first aspect that the company has focused on is that the number of units involved is very limited. To understand us, according to some sources the video cards involved would be 24, so the users who have encountered the problem seem to be really few (although obviously the situation is not at all pleasant for the parties involved). In any case, the video card corruption really happened and confirmation came from EVGA.

However, what the producer wanted to put more “dots on the i” is why this situation would have occurred. You should know that GPU reports that were apparently damaged by “New World” were mainly related to video cards produced by EVGA. The company therefore claimed that it had analysed the situation, discovering that all the video cards involved had been made in a first “lot.”

Apparently, damaged RTX 3090 GPUs had a “bad welding” tied to MOSFET circuits. EVGA explained that the problem occurred because of this hardware “inconvenient.” If you are wondering, the latter seems to involve less than 1% of the total RTX 3090 GPUs produced by the manufacturer.

But why are video cards “jumped” just as users played “New World” and not with other titles? Because of the lack of a frame rate limiter at the software level. This has led to more than a few problems with GPUs that had the above-mentioned “factory defect.”

For the rest, EVGA has already sent new video cards to the users involved, as well as working with NVIDIA and Amazon Games to ensure that there are no such problems in the future (a frame rate limiter has already been introduced in “New

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