New Zealand Will Ban Cigarettes For All Those Born After 2008

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We’d find out about the hot water if we told you that smoke hurts. There are many countries and laws that want to increase sanctions for cigarettes, but New Zealand has decided from this point of view to take a big step forward. The country is preparing to ban the sale of cigarettes to anyone born after 2008.

Tobacco consumption worldwide causes more than 7 million deaths a year and is the first preventable cause of death. “We want to make sure that young people never start smoking, so we are trying to create a generation without smoking by making the sale or supply of tobacco products a crime for those 14 years old when the law comes into force,” said Dr. Besides health, let’s remember, cigarettes also hurt the environment.

In this way, at least theoretically, the new generations will never be able to buy cigarettes again, especially because the average at which people start smoking in the island nation is about 15 years. Not only that: the country will also start to reduce the number of shops allowed to sell cigarettes (from 8,000 to only 500 units) and will only allow the sale of low nicotine tobacco.

Along with all these restrictions, New Zealand officials said that nicotine dependency support groups and public health awareness programmes will be established. On the other hand, despite this new idea has been well received by the most, some critics believe that this manoeuvre will only create a flourishing black market.

In the future, there are also good chances that the sale of tobacco products will be banned completely and at all age groups. What do you think of such a law? Would you agree if it was also established in Italy? Even Philip Morris is planning to stop selling cigarettes in the UK.

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