Nfts Arrive On Facebook And Instagram? Meta Thinks About It And Studies How To Integrate Them

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A new report published by the Financial Times reports that Meta would be studying the possibility of allowing Facebook and Instagram users to create, show and sell NFTs directly on social networks.

As noted by the financial newspaper, if the plan were to go into port, it would be the biggest revolution for the thriving NFT market, which would thus become a 100% mainstream product.

The Financial Times, however, curbs the enthusiasm of non-Funsible Token fans and explains that the plan is still “in the early stages and could change” in the race. The article states that Facebook and Instagram teams would be preparing a feature to allow users to set up NFTs as profile images, but also on a system to allow them to create new ones. However, Meta would also be reflecting on the possibility of “launching a marketplace where users can buy and sell NFT.”

It is not a lightning bolt, since the CEO of Instagram had recently spoken of the NFTs in positive terms and explained that his company is “actively assessing the NFTs to understand how to make them more accessible to

I mean, if you thought that the possible arrival of the Crocs in the Metaverse was everything, get ready because in the future our social profile images could be NFT.

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