North Korea Leader In Crypto Theft: 400 Million Dollars Stolen In 2021

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While Dogecoin’s owners rejoice at the boom caused by Tesla’s tests, some amazing data arrives on hack attacks in the crypto world. In particular, we are talking about the offensives conducted by North Korean hackers that allowed them to steal digital resources for a total of almost 400 million Dollars.

A report published by the blockchain analysis company Chainalysis revealed that since 2020 and 2021 the number of hacks performed has increased from four to seven and the value has increased by 40%. The attacks were mainly involving investment companies and…hot wallet, connected to the Internet of some organizations; among the tactics most used by hackers we find phishing, exploit, malware and advanced social engineering.

The funds stolen in 2021 are 58% Ethereum, 20% Bitcoin and 22% token and altcoin. According to the analyses carried out, North Korea would therefore have used the money it had obtained to finance the production of weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programmes, but there is still no exact confirmation.

Who led these attacks? Apparently, it is the Lazarus Group hacker group, which is part of the country’s leading intelligence agency, the Reconnaissance General Bureau. As reported in the report, @ once North Korea has obtained custody of funds, it has started a careful recycling process to cover and cash out. It is unclear why hackers would still be sitting on these funds, but it may be that they hope that the interest of law enforcement will fade, so that they can cash in without being noticed.

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