Norton In The Storm: Critical Of Norton Crypto’s Installation And Energy Consumption

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It’s been just over six months since Norton announced the launch of Norton Crypto, the mining software integrated into the Norton 360 antivirus that apparently would be difficult to remove. However, users did not accept the novelty positively, and criticism is very harsh.

Journalist Cory Doctorow, through his official Twitter account, has stated in no uncertain terms that “Norton Antivirus now subtly installs mining software on your computer, and holds 15% of the cryptovalue extracts

Others explain that this tool could cause major increases in electricity, effectively reset the gains generated by Norton Crypto, which only works with the most powerful graphics cards. Of course, the discussion also shifted to global energy consumption and safety researcher Chris Vickery tweeted that “Norton is practically amplifying energy consumption worldwide, costing its customers more electricity consumption All while Norton makes a lot of profits. It’s disgusting, it’s a brand suicide.”

Some users explain that although Norton claims that Norton Crypto only starts with user permission, it is automatically installed on systems “without even a dialog box during installation.” In fact, “there is no way to prevent it from being installed on the system or to disable it.”

PCMag also spoke on the issue, which says Norton must confirm whether he intends to make it easier for Norton Crypto to uninstall. Meanwhile, the company stated that “Norton Crypto is only a activation feature and is not enabled without user permission. If users have activated Norton Crypto but no longer want to use the function, they can disable it via Norton 360.”

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