Nuclear Fusion: Created Superconductor Magnet That Allows Reaction

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The physicists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed a superconductor magnet capable of generating a magnetic field so powerful that it allows the nuclear fusion process.

In this respect, researchers have stated that this innovation represents a stage \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In this sense, the geophysics Maria Zuber of MIT said: • Fusion is the best source of clean energy. The amount of energy potentially obtainable is truly revolutionary. The magnet, made of a superconductor material called ReBCO, has achieved the extraordinary result of generating a magnetic field of 20 Tesla in just two weeks of execution, thus allowing to reach a temperature suitable for the nuclear fusion process.

The project, linked to our previous article on the SPARC experimental device, has led the researchers of MIT and their employees of the Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) startup to begin the engineering of a nuclear reactor of Tokamack genus According to researchers, its implementation would reduce the volume of fusion reactors by about 40 times compared to the adoption of the previous generation of magnets. The reactor in question would be fed through the use of hydrogen isotopes derived from water, providing energy with very low environmental and economic impact.

The MIT and CFS team expects to have an operational test facility by 2025. In short, nuclear fusion seems to be the energy source of the future, even considering the important steps forward in nuclear fusion that have been made so far.

(Footnote: Gretchen Ertl, CFS/MIF-PSFC, 2021)

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