Nvidia, Back The Rtx 2060: This Time However It Will Have 12Gb Of Memory

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The story of this GPU has been intertwined several times with that of the new video cards with Ampere architecture due to the shortage of semiconductors. Of course, RTX 2060 went out of production in December, to leave room for next gen, except then to come back to solve the issue.

Because of the shortage and increase in the costs of raw materials, logistics problems and obvious congestion on production lines, NVIDIA has restarted the production of RTX 2060, with a real wave of GPU Turing,

While the warm summer of 2021 is about to end, with the return to smart working and distance learning, there are still many users looking for a video card to complete configurations left unfinished for months now. For this reason, NVIDIA would be planning a new return to production of the RTX 2060, this time updated but always based on the excellent Turing architecture.

The new model, whose code name would be PG161, would boast a 12GB video memory cut of GDDR6 type. The GPU in question remains the same TU106-300 as the previous generation. The new memory cut would bring 2060 in line with the current mid-range queen, the RTX 3060, and both on 192-bit buses.

A doubling in the total amount of available memory would make the RTX 2060 much more up-to-date. This is probably good news for those interested in this segment and in the availability of any solution, but it is clear that this move, if it were to be realized, would confirm the prospects already illustrated by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang on a 2022 terrible for Gs.

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