Nvidia Confirms Its Presence At Ces 2022: New Rtx Coming In?

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On the launch day of the 12GB RTX 2060, NVIDIA also confirmed its presence at the CES 2022 with many new features, but it is still wrapped in mystery, including the possible presence of CEO Jensen Huang.

Waiting to discover the new products, we already know when the company’s keynote will take place, on 4 January 2022, the same day when the other bigs in the sector will play their part, as we have learned from the confirmation of Intel and AMD for the

As already mentioned, however, there is still no confirmation about Huang’s presence at the conference, so it is possible that the entire presentation is conducted by other corporate offices. Among the hottest topics, the public obviously expects new hardware, especially after a year of lack of components, but we will probably also talk about NVIDIA’s flagship, machine learning. That it’s time for a new flagship? A very popular hypothesis, especially in light of the incredible lead on NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti with 10752 Core and 24GB dedicated video memory with GDDR6X standard.

The company’s claim invites us to “discover the latest innovations in the field of Accelerated Computing, autonomous machines and gaming” in short, there will really be room for everyone. What do you expect from the green team during the CES 2022?

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