Nvidia Releases New Game Ready Drivers For Gtfo And Dlss On Horizon Zero Dawn

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NVIDIA continues to improve its services with the latest update to the Game Ready drivers version 497.29. Following the drivers dedicated to ICARUS and Halo Infinite is a new series of modifications designed, in particular, for GTFO and Horizon Zero Down: here are all the details to know.

Game Ready 497.29 drivers introduce the official support of GeForce Experience optimizations for titles such as GTFO released to version 1.0. The full list, however, is as follows:

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy ♪ The Definitive Edition

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas



World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

EVE Online

The Elder Scrolls Online

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition

Thunder Tier One

For Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition also improves DLSS technology, ready to increase performance by up to 50%. Together with all this, however, there are also bug fixes for other games: in the case of Microsoft Flight Simulator, in-game freezes and artifacts were solved visible during the flight. On Supreme Command : Forged Alliance and Supreme Commander 2, a decrease in performance during certain mouse movements has been solved. Finally, for daily activity, bugs that caused flickering and stuttering have been fixed especially in the case of multi-monitor configurations.

To download the updated drivers, you can simply access NVIDIA GeForce Experience on your computer via the taskbar, at the bottom right. Launched the software, you will need to go to the Driver tab and proceed by pressing the

In early November GeForce NOW was also updated, now optimized for Mac and faster access to Ubisoft Connect.

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