Nvidia Rtx 30 Super And Rtx 40 Have A Possible Launch Date!

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More and more chat, the RTX 3090 Super could be coming. Apparently, after all, in the company’s plans, a refresh of the range of Ampere architecture video cards wouldn’t seem so bad.

Certainly, on the one hand, the GPU shortage has made the launch of new solutions increasingly frustrating for end users. However counterintuitive, the arrival of new solutions has somehow facilitated the spread of new video cards, going to generate financial results from records.

The new rumors want the NVIDIA RTX 30 Super series coming in early 2022. On this figure, the most active and reliable tipsters on the square seem to agree and we speak, specifically, of Greymon55 and RedGamingTech. Among the possible launch windows, mention is also made of the CES 2022, although it is still unclear whether we can see both desktop refreshes and laptop solutions in this forum. In this regard, Greymon has taken a very cautious approach, claiming that the launch in the first phase of 2022, therefore in January, would refer only to Mobility cards.

The “real” next-gen instead, when could it come? Greymon has also made it clear that starting from October next year we can start to discover some of the main news, although his speech is a generic and in no way specific for Ada Lovelace, therefore for the RTX Series 40.

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