Nvidia, Sudden Drop Of Founders Edition Cards At List Price: Here’s Where

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On the edge of the RTX 3070 Ti and 3080 Ti presentation for notebooks, NVIDIA impresses everyone with the first drop of RTX 3000 Series video cards in Founders Edition version at list price.

At the time we write, on the official website that refers to the reliable LDLC store, the RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3080 have already appeared, respectively, to 429 and 719 euros plus shipping. Unfortunately, the cards in question have faded in a few moments, but we suggest that you continue to monitor this page in case the immediate availability of other GPUs of the lineup appears.

In fact, after the disappearance of the first options, NVIDIA’s last surprise drop also followed the other wave options until the final exhaustion, which took place in the evening.

Among the cards still not appeared we point out the excellent RTX 3080 Ti to 1199 euros and the RTX 3070 Ti to 619 euros, prices that are not available on the market for which it would be worth a few minutes to dedicate to the issue

Meanwhile, we suggest to create an account on LDLC so as not to be found unprepared in the event of upcoming, upcoming releases of video cards on this portal that, let’s remember, has been able to maintain the producer’s list price, although with limited quantities


21:00 – The RTX 3070 has appeared on the dealer’s website at 519 euros.

21:11 – Also available the RTX 3090 to 1549 euros: link here.

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