Oculus Quest 2, Here Are The Best Accessories To Print In 3D For Free

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While the privacy concerns for Meta VR viewer seem not to stop, it is undeniable that 2021 has been an extraordinary year in terms of the diffusion of Virtual Reality, thanks also and especially to Oculus Quest 2. Here, then, are the best accessories to print in 3D.

On the web, in fact, you can find a myriad of accessories designed and designed by the community and made available on some of the main platforms for sharing projects to print. In our selection, we have only considered free projects that are particularly interesting and functional.

DIY Quest 2 Elite Strap

Sometimes simplicity rewards. Among the many supports and adapters available to make the viewer more comfortable, this model undoubtedly finds our favor. Available on this page, its printing is quite simple and intuitive assembly. It does not require that elements be removed from Quest 2 and also provides a universal accessory for the attachment of a powerbank, so as to prolong our dives.

Oculus Quest 2 controller Pistol Grips

Whether you’re a fan of Pistol Whip, Superhot VR or FPS, a gun kick could be a winning solution. The project is designed for both controllers (left model and right model) and its printing does not require any media of any kind. The file is available here.

Oculus Quest 2 Wall Mount

If you have always wanted to hang your headset on the wall, in order to expose it and keep it in order, we recommend this project. Simple and fast to print, once downloaded from this page it does not require support and is also compatible with the first Quest.

Quest 2 – ping pong paddle

A fundamental accessory for lovers of Eleven Table Tennis, which will make our crushes even more lethal. Here’s the print file.

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