One Of The Rarest Sounds On Earth: Millions Of Butterflies Slamming Their Wings Together

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The Monarch butterfly is one of the most famous butterflies on the planet thanks to the motif of its wings that make it immediately recognizable even in the eyes of the less experienced. Every winter, during the life of these creatures, a mass migration takes place that brings millions of butterflies to Mexico and California.

During the “great march” hundreds of thousands of specimens die, but those arriving at their destination will enjoy a perfect climate. The sound of a butterfly is barely audible, but when millions of people slam their wings, one of the rarest sounds on Earth can be heard.

So Phil Torres, a biologist and scientific publicizer, recently showed on his youtube channel, called The Jungle Diaries, this incredible gathering of butterflies inside a Mexican forest as they gathered bunches on trees Torres calls the collective movement of butterflies “fall,” since their wings move together to imitate a relaxing sound similar to that of falling water.

The monarch butterfly, unfortunately, is an endangered creature due to pesticides, climate change, urban expansion and illegal logging of forests where they migrate for winter. The caterpillars of the butterfly, moreover, feed only on asclepiades, plants flooded with herbicides and other chemicals toxic to creatures.

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