Oneplus 9 And 9 Pros Return To Receive Oxygenos 12: Fixed Problems With Android 12

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The beginning of December was not so easy for OnePlus, who had to suspend the release of OxygenOS 12 on OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro due to a wide range of problems with Android 12. Just in the last few hours, however, the Chinese company has resumed the official release, less than a week after the previous interruption.

The confirmation of the release came from OnePlus teams through the official forum where, with one of the traditional post updates, technicians announced the resumption of the OxygenOS 12 patch on a global scale. In the case of European users, however, the wait seems to be longer: in fact, the list of available versions is missing the variant for the Old Continent, while NA (North America) and IN (India) editions are located.

You probably only have to wait a few days before you return to the country, so we recommend checking your availability regularly through Settings > Software Update.

Meanwhile, you can read the official changelog of the second rollout:


Improved fluidity of unlocking via fingerprint

Optimized system energy consumption to extend battery life

Fixed the screen tiering problem when you return to the main screen in some games

Fixed problem for which the notification bar was empty

Android security patch updated in December 2021


Improved the start speed of the application

Improved the effect of the rear camera image


Fixed problem that the smartphone couldn’t connect to mobile data in certain scenarios

Also at OnePlus’s proposal, on the evening of yesterday the company made available in Italy the OnePlus Buds Z2 earphones.

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