Open Fiber Accelerates: By 2023 All White Areas Will Be Covered By Fiber

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New industrial plan and accelerated with the cover of the FTTH. It is the new strategy put on the plate by the company, which provides for the completion by 2023 of all the interventions of the BUL Plan in the municipalities that are part of the white areas, but also a push to the black areas and extension of the VHCN coverage in the

Overall, the new industrial plan provides for the coverage of approximately 24 million real estate units, with the achievement of the target take-up of 50%. On the Open Fiber plate, it put investments of approximately 11 billion Euro between 2022 and 2031.

The announcement came from the new CEO Mario Rossetti, who explained that With strong shareholder support and strong partnership with the main operators, we are ready to complete the coverage of cities, small towns and industrial areas, offering a decisive contribution to the objectives of the Italy 1 Giga Plan for the reduction of the digital divide of our country

To understand the differences between FTTC, FTTS, FTTE, FTTH and FWA, we refer to our dedicated analysis.

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