Operation Wandering Soul, When The Us Wanted To Scare The Viet Cong With Ghosts

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We all know the outcome of the Vietnam War. The Viet Cong, in fact, were different from the enemies they had encountered until then and for this reason the USA tried to use unconventional tactics. That’s why they started Operation Wandering Soul (OWS), trying to tear the enemy’s morale apart.

In short, with this operation the US tried to psychologically destroy the enemies, trying to make them surrender before starting the fight. How? The US decided to put loudspeakers inside the forest where they reproduced excruciating, demonic and ghost screams.

The Vietnamese culture, in fact, requires an adequate burial for the dead and it is believed that if this is not done at its best, the soul of the deceased will continue to wander the earth thus becoming a sort of “wrong soul,” the equivalent of On YouTube you can find a movie with its playbacks during the night and in the middle of the jungle (you can listen to it above if you are not particularly susceptible to “horror” sounds).

In the audio you could hear phrases like: “My friends I am dead and now I am in hell. Don’t end up like me. Leave now before it’s too late.” This is not the first time that Americans used unconventional tactics, during World War II the ghost army was created… which provided for inflatable tanks.

This method continued in other contexts. The United States, in fact, thanks to a Vietnamese deserter, learned that some soldiers had suffered an attack from some tigers. Thus sent some men behind enemy lines to reproduce the roaring tape of a tiger: according to 150 Viet Cong soldiers reportedly decided to leave their position on the mountain for fear of being killed by the tigers.

Nevertheless, the OWS reports are very incomplete, with some reporting that the whole operation has been ineffective. The operation was actually based on the belief that the enemy believed these voices and sounds… without questioning their origin. Certainly a good story, but that influenced the war between the two countries in a minimal way.

Speaking of war, here is one of the most ridiculous conflicts ever: the egg war of 1863.

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