Oppo Announces First Proprietary Chip: It Will Be Revealed At Inno Day

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The OPPO Inno Day 2021 expected for the days of December 14 and 15 will be an event not to be missed, this as Chinese society has many surprises in store for its fans and not only. There are some new devices at stake, such as the OPPO Fold folding smartphone, but also the newly confirmed first proprietary chip.

OPPO itself announced its presentation with a poster via Chinese social networks, as you can see at the bottom of the news, and with international teasers like the one on the cover. There are not many details known, but thanks to the renowned Digital Chat Station blogger we know that this will be a low power NPU with a particularly high cost and based on the 6-nanometer production process of TSMC, colossus taiwa

What is an NPU? It is a sign that stands for Neuro Processing Unit, it is a chip widely used in devices rich in smart functionality, so it is the result of hard work side research and development. Such a chip should find space in smartphones and many other devices that will make the most of technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and 5G. In other words, it is better to keep our eyes open as OPPO could surprise us all, since the key word for the event in question is precisely…Innovation

We remind you, among other things, that on the same occasion the company will present a retractable camera that will be used on the camera compartment of its future top-of-the-range smartphone.

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