Oppo Find N: Official Interesting Folding Smartphone, But Attention

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After the first alerts related to OPPO Find N, it is finally time to take a closer look at the device. In fact, in the context of the second day of the 2021 edition of the Inno Day, OPPO has officially announced its first folding smartphone flagship.

It is an important “entry into the field,” the result of the same producer of four years of research and development and six generations of prototypes. On the other hand, there was a long rumor that OPPO was preparing something intriguing foldable side, but now we know how it wants to do it: by pointing to a compact smartphone.

Yes, you understand: the well-known brand has decided to create a device different from the folding “classics” that we are used to find on the market, aiming at a form factor that tries to make this type of products more attractive to the public, as well as

OPPO then decided to set the 7.1 inch internal screen in landscape mode by default, so that it has a smoother transition from the 5.49 inch external display. In other words, users can, for example, play or watch video without having to rotate the device, which guarantees a more immersive experience. The internal display is called Serene Display and its wide visual area can be exploited as it should through software features that make multitasking easier. The LTPO panel also features a refresh rate dynamic from 1 to 120 Hz, touch sampling rate of 1,000 Hz and peak brightness of 1,000 nit and has been tested for over 200,000 openings without any problem.

Always remaining in the screen, the manufacturer worked on the fold, trying to make it as obvious as possible. According to TUV, the “visibility” of this element has been reduced by 80%. In addition, the internal display is better protected from scratches. For the rest, the device form factor allows you to position it in various ways, since when the smartphone is open it can remain in balance with an angle between 50 and 120 degrees. This can come in handy, for example, while using the Note app, as you can use OPPO Find N as a kind of portable minicomputer, so you can take notes without having to hold your smartphone. Clearly, this can also be useful in other contexts, for example, the device can potentially act as a “tripod.”

As for the other aspects of the OPPO Find N data sheet, we find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, 12GB processor of LPDDR5 RAM, 512GB of internal UFS 3.1 memory, a triple 50MP camera ( There is also support for wireless charging AIRVOOC at 15W (compatible with Qi standard), as well as 10W reverse wireless charging. The fingerprint sensor is integrated into the side switch and there is also an audio compartment that includes a dual speaker with Dolby Atmos support. The colors available? Black, White and Purple. For the rest, there is clearly no lack of software features that support the peculiarities of the product, for example in the photographic field.

However, there is one aspect to be careful about: availability. In fact, as in the case of the OPPO Air Glass presentation (during the Inno Day 2021 was announced also an NPU owner called MariSilicon X), the folding smartphone will only be available The launch in this last territory is scheduled for December 23, 2021 and there is unfortunately no information about a possible arrival of the product from us, which may not even happen given the period not exactly of the most roses in terms of availability.

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