Oppo’s Future Is Battery-Free: Devices Will Be Powered By Wireless Signals

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IoT devices can take power directly from Bluetooth, WiFi and smartphone signals. This is the goal and future that was outlined by Oppo in the white paper “Zero-Power Communication,” presented by the Oppo Research Institute.

The document examines the role of Zero-Power Communication technology within the IoT context, with a roadmap for the development of this technology.

Zero Power Communication has set itself the goal of eliminating battery dependency, capturing the radio frequency energy from the environment and ensuring a new power source, with the possibility of obtaining compact, efficient and low-cost devices. These facilities are able to bring benefits in various areas: commercial, wearable, smart home and other fields.

“In moving from the first to the fourth generation of mobile communications technologies, the telecommunications industry has crossed four technological leaps: from analogue to digital, to data and finally broadband. Each of these advances has been designed to provide higher data transmission speeds. However, in the next decade, looking at 5G technology and beyond, we no longer believe that data transmission will be seen as a great driver in telecommunications technology, but we are convinced that technology should evolve to offer greater convenience and represent a sustainable value for society. Zero-Power Communication technology provides consumer electronics manufacturers with a means to remove batteries from their products, reducing costs and environmental impact in the process. As such, Zero-Power Communication is one of our main areas of interest, as we move towards the B5G/6G generation,” says Henry Tang, Chief 5G Scientist of OPPO.

Contrary to what happens with devices using the traditional method, Zero Power devices can collect environmental radio signals transmitted from sources, such as TV towers, FM radio towers, base radio stations and WiFi access points, using them as a power source. The device, after collecting energy from radio waves, could modulate the environmental radio signals with its own information and then transmit them to the outside with the communication of retro-display.

Oppo has already built its own Zero-Power Communication system and has demonstrated its feasibility for future communications networks.

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