Optical Fibre In Italy, The Coverage Grows In November 2021: The Infratel Data

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A few hours after the announcement of the new industrial plan of Open Fiber, which provides for an increase of coverage throughout the country in a few years, also arrived the Infratel data on the state of the BUL Plan, obviously related to the month of November 2021.

According to the report, since the launch of the BUL Plan, there are a total of 2.879 municipalities where the marketing of optical fibre is open, while 1,641 municipalities have been successfully tested and 5,178 municipalities have been opened.

In November 2021, the cumulative amount of the works ordered by the Concessionaire from the beginning of the Plan is 1.641.022.874.03 euro, of which 29.847.998.76 committed in the past 30 days.

In the same period, Infratel verified 140 new executive projects, 78 of which were approved and 62 rejected, while the municipalities completed with CUIR were 33.

From 1 to 30 November 2021 Infratel tested positively 1641 common with FTTH fiber and 185 with prescriptions. 59 FWA sites and 13 with prescriptions have been tested.

The infratel data of October 2021 also showed an increase in the coverage of FTTH fibre in our country. In recent times, therefore, Italian users are increasingly benefiting from high-speed connections, and probably even in the coming months there will be a growth of FTTH connections at 1 Gbps.

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