Optical Illusion: All Green Lines Are Straight And Not Curved, What Happens?

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Recently, this new optical illusion has been shared in many social networks. In a first glance, it can be observed that all the green lines of the figure seem to be curves, but in reality they are all perfectly horizontal.

The photo was first shared on Twitter by genomic researcher Laurel Coons on December 21. As you could imagine, within hours of sharing on the social network of the blue canary the photo has become viral, getting more than 4,000 I like and almost 1,024 retweets.

What happens inside our brains? The reason for this “misguided vision” could simply be an over-estimate of the angle formed at the intersection points, a bit as we have already shown you within the illusion of Hering, created precisely by the German physiologist Ewald Hering in 1861 According to some users, and also some media, the effect observed is given by Cornsweet’s illusion.

You can see the image that has become viral at the bottom of the news (together with the tweet by Laurel Coons). These optical illusions are very often created by experts, such as Penrose’s scale, to test the “limit” and effects that create for our visual system. What do you think of this incredible illusion? Let us know below in the comments section.

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