Panasonic: The Update For The Vrr Comes To Maximum Resolution On 2021 Tvs

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HDMI 2.1 and VRR have become particularly popular among video players, thanks to consoles like Xbox Series X. In this context, Panasonic has officially announced a new feature for its TVs.

In a rapid communication that we received from the company, we read: “Panasonic announces the introduction of a firmware, downloadable towards the end of this year, that will optimize 4K2K resolution both for Variable Refresh This update will be available for 2021 models that support the HDMI2.1 (JZ and JX940 series).”

In short, in the end we have come back to discuss the “lack” related to the technical data of Panasonic TVs released in 2021. In fact, we remember that the JZ and JX940 series have supported some features related to HDMI 2.1, but not at maximum resolution. The producer had therefore claimed that an update would come after the launch to “optimize the situation.”

Well, now is the time: users who have chosen to be on a 2021 compatible model of Panasonic will soon be able to take advantage of the maximum resolution. In any case, the brief communication we have reported in full before is the only information we have on this, so we can simply let you know that the update is coming by the end of 2021.

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