Pc With The Notch? No, Thank You: Here Is The First Laptop With Punch-Hole

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If you are among the detractors of Apple’s notch Macbook Pro M1 you might have something to rejoice about, because a Chinese manufacturer, Chuwi, seems to have burned down the stages, publishing the first laptop with punch-hole technology, used obviously for

The first punch-hole laptop is called Chuwi MiniBook X, and is available on the manufacturer’s website at the price of 619 Dollars, which become 549 Dollars by applying a discount coupon issued by C In the package, along with the PC, you will find a pen-shaped stylus and other accessories for the laptop.

As the stylus is suggested in the package, Chuwi MiniBook X is a convertible with touchscreen, all similar to the products of the Yoga line, in the sense that the screen can be tilted up to 360°, using the de

The PC screen is a 10.8″ 2K display with punch-hole on the top left. The presence of the punch-hole ensures extremely thin edges along the entire screen: similarly, the edges of the keyboard are extremely thin. The selfie camera is a 5 MP HD lens: it’s not an impressive camera, but the lens should be great for video calls and online meetings.

Under the device’s shell we find an Intel N5100 11th generation CPU, which has an integrated Intel UHD graphics card. In addition, the laptop has 12 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD. Chuwi MiniBook X supports fast charging at 45W, and is sold with the latest version of Windows 11 pre-installed. The PC features a USB-C port and an audio jack, and weighs 899 grams. A few years ago, Chuwi launched the Chuwi HiGame gaming mini PC, which has been a huge success in China.

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