Perseverance Does Not Stop Anymore: Already Collected The Second Sample From The Surface Of Mars

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It took just a trigger and a small amount of confidence to make the march to the fantastic Rover Perseverance, which in just under a week has already collected two samples of Martian soil, and this photo of the double site

The mission of collecting samples from the surface of Mars is vital for NASA and ESA engineers and scientists, as it is only the first piece of the larger and more complex project named Mars Sample Return. The two space agencies, combining their efforts, will try to bring these samples back to Earth thanks to a series of state-of-the-art missions that will be launched by the end of this decade.

The Rover Perseverance is as if it were the primary piece on which the whole project is based, and collecting the samples is the most delicate task that it must perform during its Martian activity. After a not exactly exciting start – where the rover failed to collect samples (and here you find out what happened) – Perseverance did not give up, making a second attempt.

And so, as we told you last week, there was the first drill and the first successful rover harvest, which successfully packed a special test tube into its belly that will guard the precious Martian rock sample until it is

In the past hours another good news has arrived: Perseverance followed a further dig and successfully packed his second champion. This time the collection was much faster, as the JPL team that runs the robot had much more confidence in the possibilities of the rover, and also because it knew the porosity and density of the rock “Rochelle.” It hasn’t been a couple of hours and online photos have appeared that prove such success.

NASA has announced that on September 10th it will hold a telematic conference on its official channels (still to be confirmed), in which it will show and explain in more detail the recent successes of Perseverance. If interesting information is released, we will certainly bring it back to you.

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